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The standards for the future of our internet and internet communities

Future Web Standards

We are becoming increasingly divided over these modern times. The problem isn’t just the division, but how we go about the division. Many aspects of a seemingly solid foundation can turn against itself over the simplest things. This is why in regards to the future of our internet, society, and civilization as a whole, ethics is quite critical. Seeing the potential problems that can arise from centralized or totalitarian authorities (for both the authority and the ones being controlled), I have devised a set of standards. These specific standards are related to the future of the web, as well as innovation, and/or any aspects of innovation. I simply call such standards the “Future Web Standards”. Social justice is extremely critical as well as all forms of justice. Us as a civilization all have similar goals, but the ways we have went against each other isn’t on the establishment of order. Through understanding what works in aspects of anracho-capitalist socioeconomic structures, as well as unconventional models centered around disruption, such standards were the philosophical result. This aims to be on the basis of deontological ethics and follows some aspects of neoclassical contract law.


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